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FAHM Part 4- Michelle Balingit.

Happy FAHM! I have Michelle Balingit who is an a content creator and lifestyle blogger.

The content creator and lifestyle blogger was born in Apalit, Philippines but raised in Los Angeles, CA and currently residing in San Fernando Valley.

She was a creator from the beginning... at a young age she learned how to draw which lead to something more. Following her interest to draw passion for art grew. She then tried painting, sculpturing but photography was where it all started.

Balingit started as a freelance photographer in 2009 then she was a social media consultant in 2015. The proud Filipina is always willing to learn new things even after she graduated with honors at Mount Saint Mary’s University with Bachelors for Business Marketing and minor in Film & Media. Now as a entrepreneur, creator and blogger she utilizes her skills to help brands and businesses connect with their audience.

When it comes to being a content creator, Balingit enjoys that she challenge herself for coming up with new things for creativity. Balingit said, "There is always something I can do different and I research on what other skills I can learn and implement. For example: Creating GIFs, adding drawing to a photo, and more."

On the other hand, what she enjoys about being a lifestyle blogger is that she is able to connect with other bloggers, and entrepreneurs as well as brands and businesses whether they reach out to her or she reaches out to them. At the end she stated that the most important thing is building a connection and relationship.

When it come to anything, difficulties may arise and when it comes to creating content, "The difficulties I encountered when it comes to creating content is having a creative block when my passion to create is gone or at an all-time low. This happens to a lot of creators and there’s always different ways to get out of it. From journaling, going out for a walk, or just simply rest. Now as a lifestyle, the difficulties of being a lifestyle blogger is growing as a blogger. The industry is very saturated so making sure that you are different from anyone else but also to not lose authenticity when it comes to collaborating with brands/businesses", according to Balingit.

It takes a lot of work to be both content creator and lifestyle blogger. Balingit stated, "Jeanne Grey of @thegreylayers, Mariel Cornel of @polydeux and many more but they are the top ones who inspired me. Also, fellow Filipina at that too! From starting small to where they are now, reminds me that you can’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter."

Balingit is a proud ambassador for Green Turle Company's reusable straws. The reusable straw ambassador loves working with sustainable brands/businesses. Whether it is makeup, clothing, or something we use every day, she loves being able to promote a product that helps saves the turtles and mother earth!

The ambassador said that the way she became an influencer for them after buying one of their straws at a networking event called A Rare Day, and started taking photos and promoted them on her Instagram. Balingit saw that they had an affiliate program, applied and now she is an influencer for them. They are also one of her clients when it comes to product photography or content creation.

When it comes to taking pictures and shooting products she enjoys products and looking for inspiration and letting her vision along with her clients’ vision come to life! "Something that I see in my head, and the end result is what it is – plus letting others see it to Is the best part. It takes some direction when I am in the shot as I am directing either my boyfriend, friends or moving angles in tripod if I am taking the photos myself", the content creator said.

Out of all the things she has taken pictures of, she enjoys shooting products, because she can try out the product for herself and also she can help promote it if she like sit and believes in the company’s mission.

When it comes to posting on Instagram, she plans her post only when it comes to a brand/business collaboration to meet the deadline. Balingit will send them photos beforehand and if they approve she can then plan it on but recently she has been posting on real time.

In social media nowadays, branding is very important. On the matter Balingit said,

"My brand is a lot of things. But all in all, I’m a creator. I help develop and create content for brands/businesses that resonates and connects with their audience. I do photos, videos, stop-motion, graphics, you name it!"

She currently works at Real Good Foods as their marketing operations manager. She makes sure that deadlines are being met, whether it is a social post, collaborative giveaway, events and so much more. Also she has to Look over all the creative and technical side of things on how she can help improve our marketing.

Everyone has dreams and goals and hers is to be her own boss someday and get paid to travel as well. "I haven’t seen much of the world but hope to soon. Trying to incorporate travel in my blog to possibly collaborate with hotels and help promote them. Life is short but there is so much to see", Balingit said.

With it being FAHM, she is proud to be able to understand Tagalog even though she is not fluent in it (she left Philippines when she was 5) and also to be able to cook Filipino dishes.

Even though she was born in the Philippines, to see a lot of Filipinos in LA makes her happy. "I love seeing the community grow in LA! Connecting with other fellow Filipinos is comforting and doesn’t seem as lonely or challenging. I always support fellow Filipinos I meet", she exclaimed.

As for the future she is hoping to be her own boss someday Another things is she wants to help her boyfriend get his business off the ground once he’s a licensed physical therapist. Get married in a few years. Just living life and in the moment as everything else will fall into place.

That's Michelle Balingit for you, click her name and it will take you to her instagram.

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